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#GrowingUpAsConvenitesMonday, July 27, 2015Leave a comment

Assalamualaikum Gais

Banyak kali tengok #GrowingUpAsConvenites dekat twitter . You know what, im so proud to be one of Convent Student ! Yeah .

All the facts from the hashtag are so true okay ! Ive been there , and being a Girls School student is the best things in my life .  

You dont have to be so girly in your school, can change your tshirt in class with your friends , eat during Ramadhan , had crush on Practical Teacher , called everyone Saiyangggg , never a racist and more !

Walaupun dalam sekolah perempuan, rules is rules . No colourfull bra , no colourfull ribbon, only kain cotton for baju kurung, every morning kena pergi class sebelum pengawas check, no kuku panjang , no stokin pendek , never late to school  and still too much to remember . But , rules are made to be break right ? Hahaha

Rindu my schoolmate actually , all of them . Kawan ke, tak ke . If we are from Convent, we are sisters ��

And my name is Siti Hawa Binti Safiee from SMK Convent Taiping ( '07-'11)

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