"Being Unique

Is All About Being Different ."

sugar :)Tuesday, December 25, 2012Leave a comment

yes , this is me and always me . everything happen for a reason . i've met with the wrong person , been at the wrong place and at the wrong time but actually , everything was meant to be right  :) it takes a Rain before a Beautiful rainbow right ?  and now , i'm here smiling through my day . everyday is not a good day , yes ! not a GOOD day , but , we can make it a wonderful day . cheer up with smile and positive thinking , keep Allah inside your heart , build your Iman , InsyaAllah , You'll find the best way in your life .  Remember , Allah will never leave you all alone . be strong and keep Faith to Allah :)

S - simple , smile
I - independant
T - trusting
I - interesting

H - humanity
A - aggressive 
W - wonderful
A - active

have a nice day  :)

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