"Being Unique

Is All About Being Different ."

ending .Thursday, October 11, 2012Leave a comment

please , don't ask me why . seriously i know nothing . he left and he's gonna gone forever . he has somebody else , maybe the girl prettier than me , nice than me and more he like her than me . and plus , he doesn't trust me . he said "kepercayaan atas PAGAR" . its better to said it earlier dude . yup , we are in a long distance relationship , i trust him , and i never thought of him doing this to me . i thought i can survive on this relationship too , but ? 

tasha said "believe , reality is sucks ! and don't trust on anyone easily." yeah , thanks for the GOOOOOD advice darling . i know i can trust you more because , we've been in the same situation right ? hmm , its hard to forgive and forget , its hard to smile when inside you hurt so much right ? everyone can make decision , the different is better it is a good decision or bad decision .  and for MAT , i know , i won't cry . yes , i won't (cross-finger) .

i'm not gonna warn you , gonna fight for you , gonna say " INEEDYOU" because i know you even doesn't want me even for a second in your life right ? now , its time to MOVE ON , and saying the byebye to the past you created for me , THANKS , thanks for everything .

i don't how long you've been with her , but , i won't pray for you , pray for someone that easily left when really want him . i see your changes , and now what i afraid most , happens . you're the first boy that done this to me . and i hope , the last one . what i learn from this , don't trust a nice-looking man , better to falling in love with a thugs . they will take a very good care of you :)

you know ," WHAT GOES AROUND , COME AROUND ?" great if you understand that . so , i don't need to explain it more . think and learn from mistakes . that changes your life and others life too . HAHA , i don't know why i'm talking too much today . it seems everything is out from my mind . i'm just typing typing and typing . 
last but not least , HELLO new world . i'm super single now . its time to wake up and live happily because no one can repairs the past . what bygone be bygone right ? okay , now gonna keep myself feed . HUNGRY ! bye .

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