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back to where you from :/Friday, August 24, 2012Leave a comment

its great to be home right ? but , its annoying when you had to go back from where you come . hmm

yeah , today is the last day i was in TAIPING . mom , can i stay here forever with you ? its hard for me to leave this house . its hard for me to packing all these thingy and crawl back to KEDAH ! i hate it , seriously , i hate it too much :/
 i gonna miss my bed , gonna miss my magic mirror and the most fastest wifi in the world . hahahaaa !

sometimes , i wish , i never grown up . why ? because i just hate to be in another place i never been to . i want to stay in my house forever and ever . So , i don't have to think about any problem regarding to my life ! awesome man ><"

just remember one thing , wherever i'am , FAMILY is the first things im gonna miss there <3 

ouh my Mr. Secret . I gonna leave you far far awaayy now . Don't forget to miss me yeah . Come and visit me there if you could , i really wanna meet you darlingg ! hihi . And and take a very good care of yourself k .    Lastly , ILOVEYOUU too :*


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