"Being Unique

Is All About Being Different ."

stupid :DTuesday, March 27, 2012Leave a comment

i just got a text from him . he want me back to meet his mother today . i just can't imagine how happy i am now .damn happy ! now i will be together with him again . it just a miracle . i keep reading the text and can't stop smiling !

suddenly , 

my eyes open . and i'm starting to cry . it just a dream . i was dreaming just now . 

yeah , now i realize , time can't go back to the past . future is a part of the past . i can't change it . i have to face it now , i know i can't , but i have to . now , i keep blaming myself for everything that happens today . yeah . im wrong , this is all my decision . i'am stupid enough to create my own problem in my world . HAHA . stupid me :)

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