"Being Unique

Is All About Being Different ."

LADIES :)Thursday, September 8, 2011Leave a comment

hello ladies . nice job for both of you . if more than both , i dont know lahh . haha , just now i learn something new in this life , dont you ever ever trust your ONE YEAR BESTFRIEND :) (unless they are MORE THAN ONE YEAR BESTFRIEND :) SO YOU MUST TRUST THEM  ) seriously it hurt me badly , because this is not the first time . im not your enemy , im your familyy ! (but , now , not anymore) it is a waste to share something with others ? yeah , for sure you dont want anyone to had a better GRADE than you right ? HAHA , how fool ! so , it is a WASTE of your money . it is lucky to be you , i dont have a lot of friend , lot of boys around me . so , i have nothing , not like you , everyone knows you , everyone friends with you !(im alone , nobody wants me) i thought you were my bestfriend , butt SHIT of me , u just an ass that is really love to TALKED BACK right . nice of you darl :)

keep your good job and do well okay ladies , dont ask me who are you because you know who are you :)

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