"Being Unique

Is All About Being Different ."

my HEART say .Monday, May 23, 2011Leave a comment

hurt hurt hurt . my heart hurt . do you know ? do you want to know ? do you ? ergh . no one never tell me that i had someone to be my special person . my real special person . special person ? do they EXIST ?
im sad . sad . sad . do kill me if you see me crying out loud on the side road . stab my back without i knowing who is stabbing me . do touch me , when you feel i needed . make me feel you are real .
its break break break . it breaking down my tears . my tears . my tears . my tears , all dried up and gone . no more tears . no . no . no . 

its hurt when you lie to me . its hurt when you never talk to me . its hurt when you ignore me .

im sad when your gone . im sad when you forgetting me . im sad when no one with me . 

its break when you want it to be . its break because of you . its break and its want you back !

homaii , im writing this without knowing the meaning . but , this all straight from my HEART ! 

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