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advising mySELF .Monday, February 14, 2011Leave a comment

hey hawa , please , think carefully before u make any mistake twice ! it will ruin your whole life my darl ! even , no one is there for you honey . you have to start a new chapter in your 2011 . now you are going to seventeen dear , not seventh ! everyday problem came to you .. face it dear , that why problem created for ! 

babe , your friends . i know you don't have any boy for this time . but , don't make your friends change your attitude !  people said you had change , may i ask you why do you change huh ? you know right ? yeah ! she make a big mistake ! why don't you talk to her ? come on ! thats why u a little bit rude with her right . tell the truth ! that better i think .

LOVE . uh felt so alone la now ! haha , start again ! kahkah . 

bye bloggie :)
if i had any stori i telling2 u yah ? 
nite :p


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